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We've recently opened the Designer's Guide Community to advertising, giving recruiters and design companies the opportunity to reach our analog/mixed-signal/RF design audience more directly. Please contact if you are interested.
For Recruiters ...
We believe our website brings a unique opportunity in that the visitors are almost all potential recruiting candidates. Also, it gives you the opportunity to entice designers that might only be "loose-in-the-socket." Our experience has been, once an analog/mixed-signal/RF engineer has made up their mind to get a job, engineers focus on that through their contacts and can usually get jobs quickly. Enticing people who have not yet made up their minds will put you first in the queue for people they will contact.
For Design Companies ...
It's a way to improve your brand recognition. A criteria for many engineers is to go to a company with a name they recognize. Get the designers that visit our web site familiar with your company name. Are you a startup or a company that just spun out of another company? If you think you're going to be hiring in the near future, this is a way to get your company name in the face of many designers -- ones that are in school, fresh out of school, and ones with years of experience.
We are offering ...
Space for an IAB Half Banner (234w x 60h) in the upper right corner of every page or an IAB Leaderboard (728w x 90h) at the bottom left of every page.
Ads will be placed on all of the Designer's Guide Community pages.
We charge by ad views. You can specify a maximum $ amount per month.
We offer many "delivery options".
You can cancel at any time.
Once setup, you can login to our ad server and check the number of ad views and click-throughs at any time.
Our web stats ...
We average around 2000 ad views per day.
We average around 700 visitors a day.

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